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September 1, 2012
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Hello everyone, Scarlet Devil Vocaloid here! I was bored , so I have decided to make…

My own Touhou M1 Grand Prix, using OCs!

It won't be called that because that would mean using Touhou characters, so I have decided to call it Walfas M1 Grand Prix. It won't be made into a Walfas comic series because that would take a lot of time and I decided to make it into a typed story instead (That's allowed in the walfasclub2, right?). I wanted to make this announcement into Notepad instead of a journal entry so that it's easier to spread throughout the club easier. If I was an admin, I'd put it in a journal entry (I'm not saying I want you to make me one). Now, if you want to join my Walfas M1 Grand Prix, go ahead! You can also submit your OC to be a judge! Rule time!

1. Not just Walfasers can join. Anyone with at least two OCs can join the Walfas M1 Grand Prix. (Maybe I should've called it OC M1 Grand Prix. Oh well!)

2. You can only submit 2 OCs per team, which means you can only submit one team per…deviant I guess?

3. If you wish for your OCs to be in a team, you can only submit those two OCs as a team. If you wish to sign up your OC as a judge, you can only send in one. This is so more people can participate in the Grand Prix. However, this rule will change if I become desperate for OCs.

4. No second thoughts, that means if you send in, for example, two OCs and you want to switch one of them for another OC, then you CANNOT change the two OCs once you have submitted them. Once you submit them, they're in.

5. Include a team name for your team too, or choose one of the panels you wish to send your judge to. In the upcoming examples, I will show you what I mean by that.

6. There will be 5 judges and 10 teams in total (or 5 if not many people sign up to this).

7. Send me the bios of the OCs you have submitted in a note so I don't portray your characters the wrong way.

8. Enjoy! ^.^

Now, like I said in Rule 5, you MUST include a team name for your team or choose a panel if you're sending one of your OCs as a judge. I will be using Kazan and Umi in this next team example and Kori in the following judge example. So here is the team example that you must submit in.

Flame Kappa (Kazan and Umi) (you don't have to put it in bold)

And here is the example if you wish to submit in a judge.

Kori Soyokaze (I changed her last name, btw) - middle panel

One last thing, my OCs, Ryu and Kyoki will be hosting the Grand Prix, seeing how I was the one that made it in the first place. This may become a fanfic posted on FanFiction. I hope you submit in your OCs! To all OCs, good luck to ya! ^.^

EDIT: Apparently, the teams have different themes, like for example, in the sixth Grand Prix, Scarlet House's (Remilia and Flandre) themes was their mansion being on fire and Tokamak Club's (Okuu and Orin) theme was Okuu trying to marry a human boy. What do you guys think your team's theme should be? Birthdays? Going to the movies? Help me out you guys.

EDIT 2: When you go to do your sketches (yes, you heard me, you're going to do the sketches cause I'm not gonna risk portraying your characters the wrong way), make sure you type them out. This is going to be a typed story, not a Walfas story, hence why I should've called this OC M-1 Grand Prix.
I was bored, so I came up with this. Rules are above. By the way, can you guys send me bios of your characters seeing as I don't really know them well. Also, the prize will be revealed once the whole thing actually starts.


1. Flame Kappa (Kazan and Umi) ~ScarletDevilVocaloid
2. Shadow of Elements (Haruhi and Akihisa) ~animefan3555
3. Clockwork Assassins (Danica and Nathan) ~Wolfguy13
4. The Black Watercolor (Edward and Techno) ~PMiller1
5. Team Twilight (Zero and Goddess of Shadows) ~ChaosOverlordZ
6. Dark Rose (Ellen and Kayla) ~TheFanOfNintendo
7. Moon-Crossed Lovers (Koyomi and Kurisu) *SagashiIndustries & ~WatcherCCG
8. Def Lepus (Satouko and Hikari-chan) *cqmorrell
9. Scream Scattering (Rinshi and Uwan) ~NubarisKittyCat
10. Peaceful Dissonance (Kyutai and Thalia) ~DarkZelda15

Judges (one spot reserved for ~WhiteFangWolf12):

1. Left - Ivy - ~KidSapiens
2. Far left - Terallok - ~ShadowFrost1
3. Mid-left - Miki - =MikiBandy
4. Middle - Seth - *sethb1
5. Mid-right - Clenoe - ~lostinthinking
6. Far right - Kameyoko - ~Mr-Wang
7. Right - Roland ~ROCuevas

original idea (c) YELLOW ZEBRA
all OCs submitted (c) their respective owners

EDIT: Okay, so I'm having trouble with this. I don't wanna have too many teams. I think I have too many teams. The normal Touhou Grand Prix usually has like 5 teams. This thing has like 15! 15!! That's how many people wanna participate in this! Well, 10, but I had to add extra teams because of how many people signed up to this! I wanna give my friends ~WhiteFangWolf12, ~ROCuevas, ~TheFanOfNintendo, and ~DarkZelda15 a chance to participate. I REALLY need your guys' help with this.
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Ohhh, I thought WE had to come up with the routine. Whoops. I had already started planning Koyomi's lines.
ScarletDevilVocaloid Sep 2, 2012  Student Digital Artist
No, you do. You do come up with the routines.
Oh, okay then. Glad I got that cleared up before scrapping it.
ScarletDevilVocaloid Sep 2, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Lol. XD I'm not going to be able to portray other people's characters well, so pretty much the only work I'll be doing is the actual introduction, the first pair, the judging, and the ending. XD If you want, when you finish the routine, you can send it to me in a note. What I plan on doing is making each pair a chapter, then make the judging a .5 chapter, for example, your pair's chapter will be chapter 7 (Perfect Cherry Blossom! :D) and the judging for them will be in chapter 7.5.
Okay then. I'll have to continue work on it when I'm home, then.
ScarletDevilVocaloid Sep 2, 2012  Student Digital Artist
And how long should they be?
ScarletDevilVocaloid Sep 2, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Doesn't matter. It can be as long as you want! ^.^
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Damn it. I wake up late, and I see that the M1 Grand Prix is already full...

Can I have an OC of mine be a judge, anyway? She's Kameyoko Itokawa, resident mad scientist. She's featured in several of my comics, so you might know what she's like. I also have a VERY detailed profile on the Walfas wiki. I believe I make my profiles more organized and detailed than anyone else on that wiki...

ScarletDevilVocaloid Sep 1, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Lol, that sucks. XD

Sure! Which panel do you want her to take?
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