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H-h-how's it going, bros? My name is Scarlet Devil Vocaloid! ...Let me guess, I watch too much PewDiePie? All I really watch is his Happy Wheels Let's Play. I'm at like part 41 or something. I forgot. :P I don't like watching anything violent or sexually bad or anything. :/ But anyways, I'm back to UtT! Yay! :D Sorry this is kinda late, I plan on updating on Thursdays because of laziness, but now that I think about it, I usually have homework on Thursdays and Tuesdays, so how about random updates, does that sound cool? :3 But I was also late because I was still making some final adjustments to the plot, this being the main reason why I was late in the first place. I just don't want my story to turn out unoriginal, cheesy, etc. I remember one time I wrote two Vocaloid fanfics and they came out HORRIBLE! Worse than my old Smash Bros. stories! I plan on posting new and better ones soon, but for now I'm concentrating on this. But enough of this! Let's get to the story! :D

It was a clear, sun-...why am I starting with a cheesy intro? Anyways, it was sunset. The sky was a beautiful mix of orange, red, and purple, with few clouds covering the sky. The bright, yellow sphere known as the sun shown brightly in the sky as it began to set for the day. Birds were chirping as they peacefully flew across the sky.


Suddenly, electric bolts struck the birds. Unfortunately, they died right when they were struck and fell from the sky.

"Phew! Less birds that will try to kill me."

The source of the voice came from a tall man, who appeared to float in the sky. He wore a green cap with a gold star in the middle, and his head was covered with short, dark green hair, his eyes just as green. He wore a white t-shirt, which appeared to have four tiny marking towards the bottom. Green jeans stretched to the young man's ankles. His feet were covered with white socks that reached halfway below his knees, with black sandals covering his feet also. Green dragon wings stretched out from his back, making the final changes.

"Son of a wolf tengu, Ryu, you have to stop killing birds!"

Said man turned his head down towards the trees to see a humanoid wolf wearing black standing at the top of a nearby tree. Ryu flew down to see the wolf-man and spoke to him,

"You're such a hypocrite, Kyoki."

Said wolf-man had short, black hair, with gray wolf ears sitting on top of his head. His eyes were redder than blood, behind those eyes was a psychopath waiting to kill. His left eye, however, appeared to be a black eye. He wore a black t-shirt, and under it was a white tank top. His jeans were also black with a hanging chain that was used as a belt, while black sneakers covered his feet. A gray wolf tail wagged from behind, completing the look.

"Just because those birds killed your family doesn't mean that all birds are evil, Ryu." Kyoki said to Ryu.

"Don't remind me..." Ryu whispered with his head low, with a miserable look on his face.

"Whoa whoa, chill, I know, bro, I know!" Kyoki exclaimed with a slightly surprised look on his face.

"Onto another subject, did you get the food like Kazan said to?" Ryu asked as he lifted his head back up.

" I tried to, though. There was this one guy with like spiky black hair, brown eyes, and a blue shirt," Kyoki explained, doing random motions in the process.

"I think his name was Robert or something. You know us youkai have to eat humans. Anyways, I turned into my wolf form, snuck up to him as best as I could. Right when I was about to eat him, he threw a freaking gas bomb in my face and gave me this black eye!" he explained more while pointing to his black eye.

"I was knocked out for like ten minutes! When I woke up, he disappeared like a ninja. And that's why I didn't get any food." Kyoki concluded.

Ryu's jaw dropped and stay liked that for half a minute.

"Okay, first of all, why were you hunting a human?" Ryu asked.

"Because..." Kyoki said as his ears went back. "...that's what youkai do?"

Ryu face palmed as soon as he heard the weak reply and sighed.

"Not all youkai eat humans, Kyoki. And you would go after a human, you psycho." Ryu replied. "Also, have you even thought out your plan and guessed that he was a ninja or an assassin or something?"

"...No..." Kyoki replied with his ears still back. Ryu sighed again, this time louder.

"Let's just head back to camp, Kazan's waiting." Ryu jumped off the tree, spread his wings open, and flew off towards their campsite.

"Wait for me!" Kyoki exclaimed as he starting jumping from one tree to another, following the path that Ryu took.

Back at the campsite, two logs sat in front of each other, with a fire in between. Two large, green tents sat behind the logs, with a cooler sitting next to the tent on the left. Luscious green trees surrounded the campsite with a nearby river, making the campsite seem as if it was one of the most peaceful campsites you have ever seen.

"Yo, Ka-chan! We're back!" Kyoki exclaimed.

A girl turned and saw that Kyoki and Ryu returned. She had long, red hair and orange eyes. She wore an orange t-shirt with a red flame towards her chest, with black jeans covering her bottom half. Red and white sneakers and headphones covered her feet and ears respectively. Two wings made of fire produced from her back.

"I tried to get food, but I failed." Kyoki said to Kazan. The fire fairy sighed and replied.

"I said NOT to get food!" Kazan exclaimed at the duo.

"Hey, he was the one who tried to get food; I was just chilling and killing birds and such." Ryu said.

"Besides, why don't you want us to gather more food?" Kyoki asked with a puzzled face.

"Doku already got enough food for us to last us a few days!" Kazan explained as she pointed towards the right. Ryu and Kyoki turned to where Kazan was pointing and saw a purple wearing young man.

The young man had short, deep purple hair, raven black cat ears sitting innocently on top of his head. His eyes were a mystical violet, black cat slits serving as pupils. He wore a snow white t-shirt and raven black shorts, that reach his knees. A long-sleeved trenchcoat majestically flowed down all the way to his knees, meeting the edge of his shorts. Black and purple sneakers concealed his feet and two black cat tails somehow stuck out from his trench coat. He appeared not very muscular, but not super skinny.

"Best food hunter in the world!" Doku exclaimed while dragging a dead bear to the campsite. "Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!" he euphorically exclaimed. Ryu sighed.

"Well, why don't you want us to go and gather more food?" he asked in a slightly annoyed tone.

"So that the food doesn't get spoiled and wasted."

They all turned to the woman who said that sentence. A light blue bonnet sat on top of hair short, raven black hair, the left side of her hair pulled into a ponytail. Her skin was paler than people's skin normally is, and her eyes were ice gray, with the intention of no funny business. She wore a white button-up short-sleeved shirt with a gray tank top peeking from beneath. A milk white skirt reached down to her knees with dark brown lace-up boots reaching halfway up her knees. A white scarf covered her neck and a matching cape reaching to her back majestically floated in the air.

"I honestly doubt that food is going to be wasted in, like, two days, Kori." Ryu said to the pale woman, apparently named Kori.

"Who knows, it could happen. Plus, with Doku's needles lying around everywhere, it could end up poking into our food and poisoning it." Kori explained.

"Hey!" Doku angrily exclaimed.

"I know, right?" Kazan said with a chuckle.

"Double hey!" Doku exclaimed again, slightly angrier than before.

Kazan felt a light tap on her left shoulder. She turned around and said, "What is it, Umi?"

A dark blue ribbon sat elegantly on top of Umi's head, covered with her short, wavy, sky blue hair, with matching eyes of the same color. She wore a white button-up shirt decorated with a small, red bow. A sky blue skirt reached down to her knees, accompanied by a gorgeous white apron accompanied by rainbow shards along the edge of the apron. White and dark blue sandals reached halfway up her knees, and beautiful white angel wings stretched from her back.

"I know that I've been in the Elemental Strikers for as long as you have, Kazan," Umi started. "but remind me, why do we have to eat live animals like cannibals?"

"It's the manliest way to live!" Kyoki butted in.

"Do I look like a man to you?" Umi asked the wolf as she turned to him.


"Exactly." She turned back to Kazan and asked her, "Seriously, why do we have to eat like cannibals?"

Kazan shrugged. "I guess that's how life is for travelers, Umi. Plus, we don't have any money to buy food."

"Well, why don't we just become a mercenary army, have people hire us, earn some cash, and buy food?" the half-angel asked.

An awkward silence filled the air. Even Kori, Ryu, and Doku stopped arguing to fill in the awkward silence. Finally, after a few seemingly long minutes, Kazan broke the silence.

"Excuse me for a second..." She flew away on her flame-shaped wings away from the group. A muffled scream filled the air like perfume.

"Holy mother of lava cookies, why didn't I think of that sooner?!"

Shortly after the scream passed, Kazan flew back and rejoined her group.

Kazan sighed and said calmly, "That felt good..."

"O...kay, then..." Umi replied with a puzzled look on her face.

Suddenly, Doku heard a rustling sound nearby. He turned around and saw that the rustling came from a large bush behind him.

"Kazan, I found a suspicious looking bush!" Doku exclaimed as he turned towards the fairy.

"Everyone in your battle positions!" Kazan yelled out to the group.

The group of six did so and waited to see if the bush would attack. However, instead of attacking, the bush spoke to the travelers.

"Stop!" a male voice exclaimed. The source of the voice stepped out from the bush, followed by a rabbit girl wearing yellow.

"We are not here to attack!" the man exclaimed.

He had short, orange hair and deep, red eyes. A red star-shaped mark He wore a milk white button-up t-shirt hidden by ruby red overalls. White, rectangular-like shapes stuck to his overalls. His feet were covered with lace-up boots similar to Kori's, but they were orange instead of brown. Black bat wings stretched from his back, with his wings being white inside. In his hands was a scythe with a silver blade and a brown body.

"Who are you two?" Ryu asked as he threateningly pointed his hammer towards the mysterious duo.

"My name is Chikyu Komori," the young man in orange said. "And this is Amai Usagi." he added while pointing to the rabbit girl in yellow.

"Why have you come here?" Kazan asked the duo.

"We...need help." Amai said to Kazan.

"I'm assuming you're the leader of this group, Miss Fairy." Chikyu politely said to Kazan.

"Yep! Kazan Yosei's the name, thank you very much!" Kazan cheerfully exclaimed.

"You see...well, I'm not sure if I can trust you to tell you yet..." Chikyu explained to Kazan.

"Aww, you can trust me. I'm very easy for people to trust!" Kazan cheerfully replied.

"Are you sure? You're not gonna send me home like a little kid?"

"Unless you have a pretty dumb reason for doing so, I won't send you home."

"Well, okay..." Chikyu began. "I am actually the son of the king of vampires. A while back, I noticed that my father was actually evil. Ever since my father kidnapped a woman, his men had to protect the castle at all times, even more than you would expect. Not wanting to turn evil like him. I attempted to escape with Amai several times, us failing each time. However, that all changed last night, on the full moon. We knew that we would escape that death trap for good. It was difficult, but we made it out. I cracked open the seal to the kingdom and ran as fast as I could, taking Amai with me. It was right after I cracked open the seal that I had discovered my family's special abilities, and possibly, what made my family royalty in the first place. Anyways, it was in the nearby woods we knew we, or at least I, had to get a new persona. After I changed into a new person, we traveled for days, trying to escape my past, doing anything to forget it. We begged people to help hide us, even going as far as doing various things for them, but no one accepted our offer. In conclusion, we stumbled over here to your campsite. So..."

Chikyu got down to his knees and grabbed Kazan's hands, her gaining a faint blush in the process. Chikyu spoke to the fairy, "You're our last hope of escaping my past. Please, help us. We'll do anything, Miss Yosei."

"Well, that was pretty cheesy." Kyoki said with a slight attitude.

"Kyoki, shush!" Umi exclaimed at Kyoki. "You're just upset because there's a vampire here."

"Of course we'll help you, Chikyu!" Kazan exclaimed. Kyoki practically exploded.

"Kazan! You know vampires and werewolves don't get along!" Kyoki angrily yelled as he pointed to Chikyu.

"Well, you need to start learning to get along with each other because Chikyu and Amai are going to be staying with us. For now, at least."


"I am your boss! I say we let them stay with us and that's final!"

"Thank you very much, Miss Kazan." Chikyu happily exclaimed with a slight bow, Amai quickly following Chikyu's actions.

"Whoa, buddy! No need to add in the Miss in there!" Kazan exclaimed with a slight blush. "You're welcome, by the way."

"Oh, my bad, Kazan." Chikyu replied.

"It's alright!" Kazan replied with a smile.

"Hey, just so you know..." Kyoki butted in once again. He walked up to Chikyu and pointed his halberd to the vampire. "Don't go hitting on the girls here. I know how you tricky vampires get."

"Well, I'm sorry if I do so. It's a natural habit for vampires like me. I hope you understand." Chikyu politely replied.

"Alright, now that that's settled, let's figure out what we'll be doing for sleeping arrangements now that we have Amai and Chikyu!" Kazan exclaimed as she saw the milk white moon rising up to the sky.

The moon seemed to form a waning crescent shape. It seemed to stand out compared to everything else in the sky. Beautiful, don't you think?

Phew! Finally! Sorry you guys had to wait like a month for me to write this chapter. Curse you, laziness! Don't worry, if you don't see my stories updated that often, it just means that I'm lazy. Well...bye! :D
Full title: "Cerath: Under the Twilight - Chapter 1: Two Mysterious Newcomers"

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Thank God this is done! Now I can be fat and lazy without anyone yelling at me for a while! :P Too tired to give anymore of a description. -.-

Everything (c) me

EDIT: Just made a few fixes, thanks to ~Eeveeheart151 for giving me a little advice. By the way, Eevee, I'm just training to become a better writer. Plus, everyone can improve, even Spaztique. But thanks for the advice!
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FantasyInaba Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist

Really taking a liking to Kazan and Amai, just saying. Not that I don't like the others. I do. :)
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