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Please do me a favor and ignore the very back of my gallery. I know everyone's gonna ignore this notice, but it's worth a shot, right?





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Okay, bad news: my headset is officially broken. Good news is my birthday's coming up. What I need help with is finding a good headset I can buy for my birthday. I don't want something too expensive, but not a piece of cardboard attached to some earmuffs or anything. = n = )

I'd prefer for it to stay under the $40-50 area, but if you've got whatever on your mind, I don't really care too much about it. Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it! ' o ' )/)

lmao i'm such a braaaaaat :^)


Scarlet Devil Vocaloid
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Bluh bluh, introduction about me here. :U Basically, I'm a huge Touhou and Vocaloid fan, so you'll usually find stuff related to that in my gallery and such.

Main Fandoms: Fandoms that I'm more active in.
:bulletgreen: Touhou Project (Fan since mid-late September 2010)
:bulletgreen: Vocaloid (Fan since mid-late September 2010)
:bulletgreen: RPG Maker Horror games (Fan since around August 2012)
:bulletgreen: Disgaea (mainly 4; Fan since 4/21/2014; Finally got my PS3 on 5/27, so now I'm able to play D4. :3)
:bulletgreen: Pokemon (Kinda sorta fan since October 2013)
:bulletgreen: Undertale (Fan since 7/17/14)
:bulletgreen: Deep-Sea Prisoner/Mogeko's games (WaTGBS, The Gray Garden, Mogeko Castle)*; fan since around February 2014)
:bulletgreen: Dangan Ronpa (kinda-sorta fan; fan since 8/6/14)
:bulletgreen: Brave Frontier (Fan since 9/14/2014)
:bulletgreen: Olympus Overdrive (fan since 3/19/15)
:bulletgreen: Cirque du Freak (fan since September 2014)
:bulletgreen: Steven Universe (STEVENBOMB2K15)
:bulletgreen: Owari no Seraph/Seraph of the End (fan since 4/18/15)

Minor Fandoms: Fandoms that I'm still a part of, just not that active in.
:bulletblue: TOME (fan since 11/8/14)
:bulletblue: Legend of Zelda (Fan for entire life)
:bulletblue: Fire Emblem (Fan since Christmas 2012)
:bulletblue: Super Smash Bros. (Fan since around May 2010)
:bulletblue: The World Ends With You (Fan since around October/November 2013 (Why can I never remember? :'D))
:bulletblue: Homestuck (Fan since October/November 2012)
:bulletblue: Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji (Fan since around March - May of 2013.)
:bulletblue: Blue Exorcist (Fan since 4/2/2014)
:bulletblue: RWBY (Fan since 6/11/2014)
:bulletblue: Puella Magi Madoka Magica (Fan since 2/2/2014, though I have watched some of the anime prior to becoming a fan)
:bulletblue: Persona (mainly 4, fan since May 2014)

Favorite Bands/Musicians (at the moment)</u>
:bulletred: YOHIO - Musician - Swedish, English, Japanese
:bulletred: Seremedy (Yohio's former band) - Band - Japanese, English (from what I know)
:bulletred: BIGBANG - Band - Korean, Engrish
:bulletred: MAN WITH A MISSION - Band - Japanese, English
:bulletred: 2NE1 - Band - Korean, Engrish
:bulletred: the Gazette - Band - Japanese (from what I know)
:bulletred: Studio Killers - Band - English
:bulletred: Creature Feature - Band - English
Do take note that the majority of the bands/musicians on the list are bands/musicians I'm new too, so I don't know a whole lot about them. If any information in this list is inaccurate, please let me know so I can fix it.

Walfas DNAs: Feel free to use my DNAs anytime!
:bulletpink: 3.39:Scarlet/SDV:100:258:247:184:117:14:0:4:0:1:0:3C1F13 (I've decided to officially abandon the sword that was strapped to my back and replace it with this chainsaw:… Thanks to KentaMaeba for making it. :3 Seriously, though, this looks BA.)

Real Life Friends:

Also Meet Me On...:
Animal Crossing Community:…
Maidens of the Kaleidoscope: (I just made an account, but I'm too lazy to link my profile. =n= Plus, I can't even do anything on my account, even after activating it. For some reason, I can't seem to even make a summary, never mind edit it.)

Birthday Countdown:
My birthday badge

Languages I know or want to learn:
USA Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-design My native language obviously. uwu
JP Language Level stamp2 by Faeth-design Meh. I know some simple words and stuff, but that's it.
French 3 by Faeth-design Obviously, it's going to take a while before I become fluent in French, but so far, it's surprisingly easy once you get to know it. Must be because French is one of the Romantic languages. uwu


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